Little Black Bag (Matt & Nat)

This post is my little reward for submitting an assignment that has given me a lot of grief the last week. It’s funny that something that should make me feel good really doesn’t. It should be intrinsically rewarding to finally accomplish what you set out to do and laboured over for over a week, but it doesn’t…because I am a bit of a perfectionist. I rarely ever “finish” or “submit” anything feeling like I am actually finished. I never feel like I have given it my best, and it bothers me.

So instead of feeling good or sensing relief when I press send for work projects (usually books I have proofread) or school assignments (usually papers), I feel a drop in my stomach and a slight bit of despair. I am working on changing that.

This morning, I was supposed to go hiking for a 20 KM hike with my group. It was only three of us who were scheduled to go, and I was supposed to meet the leader at the subway station to drive the two of us up. Unfortunately, after a few wrong turns I was 10 minutes late. I didn’t have her number to call her, and when I arrived she was no longer there.

I already had my work things with me so I headed to a Starbucks to study and got a solid 2.5 hours on some work and school projects before I needed a bit of a physical break from the screen and the books.


The Starbucks was at a Chapters, and they carry Matt & Nat bags, so of course I headed straight for those. How adorable is this little shoulder bag? It’s so cute, such a classic-looking but also trendy (at the moment) style. It’s also a really convenient size.

I am trying to scout a gift to get myself after I finish this term. I really like Matt & Nat bags because they are cruelty-free and also really good quality. I have had one before. I can see myself using this bag, or one like it, on a daily basis and while I would prefer an ox blood or burgundy colour to go with my black coat, I know that that colour wouldn’t carry over into my Spring and Summer wardrobe as seamlessly as a black bag would (or not at all, really).

So this bag is a contender. It’s a little more expensive than I remember it being (it’s priced $150). I could pick up just a wallet, but I really want my “gift” to be something I can see and that will remind me of why I got it. A piece of jewelry could be an alternative to the bag, I guess. A pair of earrings, maybe, or a pretty pendant.


This is the cerise colour of the same bag, which you can find on the Indigo website.  You can find tons of other Matt & Nat bags on the Indigo site, so definitely have a look if you’re interested. There is a similar-looking but smaller two-pocket bag that goes for $95.

In a few days when I get a chunk of time, I will check Winner’s and Marshall’s to see if they carry anything similar or maybe cuter at a lower price point. What colour would you pick for a shoulder bag like this one? I am looking for an everyday item and most of my coats and outerwear items are black, so I have to consider that, as well.


On the way out I picked up the snowman cake pop from Starbucks. I love their cake pops but rarely eat them. It was great. I absolutely love how it feels and tastes just like unbaked batter (maybe it is?). Maybe they should be called cake batter pops instead—or just batter pops. This one’s filled with vanilla cake, yum!

Back to my to-do list now. Thank you for letting me share a part of my day with you!



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