Month: December 2017

Nomads Hempwear Top (Eco-friendly Fabrics)

Nomads Hempwear is a clothing company offering chic yoga and activewear. They use eco-fabrics to produce their items. The production of hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and soy can save water and use fewer pesticides compared to that of conventional materials.

I placed my first order with them two weeks ago. I picked up their Osiris tank, made from bamboo, organic cotton, and a little spandex. The ordering process was simple, and I love this top. It’s very soft, comfortably stretchy, and the cut is flattering. One surprise was that in the photo on their site it looked as though it would have an underwire, but it does not.

Me wearing the Osiris tank top in black/grey micro stripe from Nomads Hempwear

I wore it out to dinner last night. What do you think? They’re offering free shipping on orders over $100 now, and their sale items are steeply discounted.


Upcycled High Fashion

Loria Lassalle upcycled and sustainable looks. Reminds me: I bought an upcycled vest a few years ago and couldn’t find a way to make the thing fit in with my wardrobe without looking like an alien. (It was not from Loria Lassalle.)

I love these fun looks. Very visually stimulating and fun.

Not to wear, for me—except maybe the top on the bottom right. What do you think?




Find out more about the designer here.


Hope you’ve had a great holiday season!

Have You Read Bridget’s Blog?

I read a fair number of blogs sporadically. Most of them are in the health, fitness, and fashion sphere, and this next one is too, but it has a lot of other interesting bits, and I can say I feel enriched each time I read one of the articles on there. Drum roll… It’s Bridget Malcom’s blog.


Yes, she’s a model and walked the VS runway for a couple seasons. But she’s also a musician and book-worm. What I love best is the balance of health/fitness posts along with a smattering of articles about books, podcasts, and honest life advice. I like that it’s not uber-specialized or niche: those sorts of blogs can get a bit tough for me to go back to week after week.

Here are some favourites. She’s been posting quite frequently lately, too.

My Favourite iPhone Apps

Book List of the Month

On Rejection Here she shares a healthy perspective on how to position our minds and perspectives on the path to the things we desire. It’s the post that inspired me to share the blog with you.

Healthy Vegan Dinner in a Pinch With Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is a company that offers vegetarian, organic and non-GMO convenience foods. The company was started by Andy and Rachel Berliner in California in 1987, and it was named after their daughter, Amy. Their canned and boxed soups, frozen entrees, and frozen wraps are widely available at supermarket chains in Canada.

What I like about Amy’s Kitchen is that they use real, healthy ingredients, many of of which are organic, and their products are priced reasonably. Today I want to share how to create a healthy lunch or dinner with my favourite Amy’s wrap.


You will need:

1 gluten-free Amy’s Kitchen frozen bean and rice burrito ($3.99)
1/4 cup Daiya cheddar cheese
1/4 cup mild salsa

For the salad:
Two cups washed and cut lettuce
Handful of baby spinach
1/2 ripe avocado
5–10 grape tomatoes
1 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette


Toss salad ingredients and set aside (outside or in fridge depending on how you cook the burrito). Unwrap Amy’s Kitchen burrito and warm up according to instructions, either by microwave oven or conventional/toaster oven. Take out before it’s ready ( 25–30 seconds with the microwave, and 15 minutes with the conventional oven).

Flatten the top side of the burrito by gently pressing down with a fork. Then arrange most of the cheese on top. Place in the oven for 10 minutes or microwave for 15–20 seconds. Take out and flatten with a fork again. Place mild salsa and the rest of the cheese overtop. Place in the oven for another 5 minutes or microwave another 10–15 seconds.

You will love this. 🙂


Dainty Clothes from Deadstock Fabrics Made in California

Christy Dawn is a clothing company that creates dresses and other garments from the leftover fabrics of larger fashion houses. Using “deadstock fabric” that may have otherwise been tossed can save a lot of water (from textile production). All their clothes are also made in California by people paid a living wage.

I love the idea of this company, but I’ve yet to find a dress or shirt that truly speaks to me. They add new designs frequently, so I’m faithfully waiting for the right one.

These are my favourites at the moment, in order:


  1. The Lennon Dresschristydawn3

2. The Farrah Blouse


3. The Juliette Dress


4. The Winslet Dress

Most are priced between $150-200 USD with the exceptional dress (such as the Winslet above at $390) coming in a little higher. If you are interested they are also hosting a “25 Days of Christmas” contest on Instagram, where they give away a different dress each day. Find that here.

I am thinking I would love the Juliette Dress if the bodice were a bit more fitted, if it were  a bit shorter (mid-shin), and off-the-shoulder. In essence, feminine and dainty, but with just a hint of added sensuality. The Winslet and Lennon dresses on the other hand are gorgeous as-is, but I’m going to wait a little longer.

Net Neutrality Banner

I’ve activated the net neutrality banner on my page. Go to Settings and activate yours too in protest.

“The FCC wants to repeal Net Neutrality. Without Net Neutrality, big cable and telecom companies can divide the internet into fast and slow lanes. What would the Internet look like without net neutrality? Find out by enabling this banner on your site: it shows your support for real net neutrality rules by displaying a message on the bottom of your site and “slowing down” some of your posts. Learn more about Net Neutrality