Should You Start a Casual Blog?

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I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot! I assume every aspiring or sort of aspiring blogger does. When I first started this site in August 2016, my exclusive focus was on What I Eat In a Day posts. After obsessively photographing and posting everything I ate (and getting a respectable response for it) I had to step back. I was facing a minor career/life crisis but on top of that being so conscious of what I ate made me feel dangerously close to the girl I’d been years ago, aspiring to skip meals and whatnot. Of course I never did any of this but it’s to say that the “fun” part of what I was doing had disintegrated.

I didn’t want to leave completely so I’ve since tried a few different things with the blog. My last mission was to spread the word about veganism and ecological living. I’m not a perfectionist for either of these but I think if we all try a little harder it can make a difference in the world. And I’m enjoying that and will continue to blog about those things.

I absolutely recommend that you start a blog if you enjoy it. You don’t have to overshare or spend all of your time for it and I think if you take it for what it is, a hobby, you’ll find you can build web connections that feel authentic while also having fun.

If you’re starting a Casual lifestyle blog, you should realize the value in reading your blog for others is likely inspiration first and information a very distant second. That s because the information is easy to find and unless you are a definitive authority on your topic area (and can prove it) readers will want to go elsewhere.

Instead, the value of reading your blog is for them to see how a fellow “struggler” or layperson handles challenges and moves towards their goals. So personal experience is important and valuable in this context.

And my answer to the question: Absolutely! You should.



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