Vega One: Vanilla Chai Flavour

Hey guys! This is an empties review for one of the vega one flavours i tried. It was surprisingly good/full-star reviews on the Vega site, but I didn’t like it!

I tried the Vega One Vanilla Chai flavour, and I have to say it’s my least favourite. If you don’t know about Vega One, it’s a vegan nutritional shake and protein powder by Canadian health food company Vega.

The powder comes in lots of different flavours and provides an extensive list of nutrients, powders (like spirulina and other greens), and 20 grams of vegan, soy-free protein. It’s (usually) amazing!

I love the vanilla and chocolate flavours. Those two work really well to elevate the flavour of simple smoothies and also work well on their own in blender bottles.

But the chai flavour had a strange sweet taste that wasn’t very good on its own and pretty horrible in smoothies. All of the original Vega ones are sweetened with stevia so that may have played a role.

It’s an accomplishment to write I’ve finally finished the bottle. I think the most versatile protein flavour from Vega is the vanilla. Bottles on sale for $33 on the Vega Canada site now with shipping free for orders over $100.


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