Blogger I Love: Vegan Richa

It occurred to me a few days ago that not literally everyone knows about one of the most prolific bloggers, recipe developers and photographers in the vegan blogging spheres. Since these people were vegetarian and didn’t know, it’s worth writing something to make sure all 96 people following me definitely do know. It would be your loss, really!


Richa Hingle posts her Indian and Westernized vegan recipes on and has been doing so for years now. Her website is filled with an abundance of freely available Indian and other vegan dishes, and I have tried many recipes over the years and always with good results.

The fact that her recipes are not hit or miss is rare and something to really appreciate in the recipe sharing blogosphere because often bloggers don’t have the means to kitchen test their recipes whilst keeping up with a blogging schedule.

And while I know that Richa tests the recipes in her cookbooks, both of which I’ve gotten  in e-format and recommend, I don’t know whether the ones on her site are just good by luck or if she tests those somehow, as well.

Her cookbooks, available on Amazon, contain a mix of the recipes on her site and original ones, I believe.

You might enjoy reading her FAQ page to find out a little more about her.

Some recipes I’ve tried and loved by her that I can remember off the top of my head (because they really were that memorable) are her butter tofu, chana masala (though I like to cut my onions and tomatoes into long/big chunks and leave some of them intact instead of turning everything into a sauce), and pumpkin pie bars (which you can also make with sweet potatoes).


Tempted? You should be!

Photos do not belong to me.


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