Fifteen Indian Vegan Recipes I’d Like to Try in March

Hi, everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. Today, I decided to come up with a challenge to cook a number of recipes in March. I compiled a list of 15 Indian recipes, though  I realize that’s a high and unrealistic number, considering how busy I am for the rest of March.

The list does also include French toast, decidedly not Indian, but I just couldn’t take it out. It looked too good! All of the recipes are from Vegan Richa, about whom you can learn in a recent post, and on her website you can also find high quality photos and detailed instructions for each of the recipes, in addition to a little bit of historical or cultural background about the dish, which I enjoy.

Here are my picks—each recipe is linked below:

Vegan Methi Malai Paneer Tofu

Indian Butter Tofu Paneer I’ve tried this one before.

Almond Fudge This sweet looks amazing and kind of looks like Persian halwa.

Ginger Turmeric Root Tea

Chickpea flour fudge To see if it’s better than the almond fudge. If you haven’t had chickpea flour desserts before, try this or some others. It’s something that’s used in dessert-making in parts of Iran, and it’s really flavourful when paired with sugar/sweetness and cardamom (which I don’t know if this recipe contains).

Cauliflower Kofta Curry

Hemp-Tofu in Rich Pasanda Sauce Okay, this one requires hemp-tofu, supposedly tofu made from hemp seeds. I’m never heard of it but I’ll make a trip over to Whole Foods, and if they don’t have it, the Big Carrot.

Vegan Banana French Toast  So I can listen to Banana Pancakes and eat them (close).

Naan (I’d like to make the garlic kind)

Baked Samosas  I may have signed up to make samosas for friends in the near future. I might as well practice. These ones are baked. I can’t imagine deep frying something at home and then finding the courage to also eat it!

Palak Tofu Paneer Palak paneer was my favourite Indian dish before I gave up dairy because of lactose intolerance. I still sometimes eat dairy (though I’d like to move towards a fully plant-based diet this year) but I need to take Lactaid to do so, and I guess I’ve just never had any on hand when ordering Indian food.

Carrot Halwa This is such a popular Indian dessert that I feel it should be in my Indian recipe try. I used to love it when I ate dairy, and I haven’t had it since, as I believe the traditional version contains either of cream or milk.

Vegan Mango Lassi The first and only time I had mango lassi, another hugely popular Indian recipe, was at an Indian restaurant with a friend. We couldn’t drink ours because I suspect the mango was too unripe and the whole thing tasted sour.

Gobi Broccoli Makhani

Vegan Mango Burfi