Indian Recipe Tryout 2/15

Hi, everyone! I got an early start on making the 15 recipes I’d like to try in March. If you click the link and read the post, you’ll see the full list and that all of them are vegan recipes from Vegan Richa’s blog.

The recicpes I tried yesterday were the mango lassi and the palak tofu paneer.


The first recipe I made was the mango lassi. It’s a yogurt and mango drink, and it was really good; very similar to a mango smoothie. The recipe included the option of adding some cardamom, but I couldn’t find any in the pantry!


The next, more intensive recipe I made was the palak tofu paneer. It required lots of spices and ingredients, and I was still surprised that I only needed four things from the shop: the spinach, red hot pepper, some ginger, and cashews.


The recipe calls for a serrano chili pepper, and I couldn’t find that at the store. Instead I picked up some medium heat yellow and red chili peppers and used a red one.


Palak paneer was my favourite Indian dish before I greatly limited my intake of dairy. I was looking forward to trying this recipe and finding it just as good, but I have to be honest that it wasn’t.


It was just okay, in the end. I found the gravy definitely wasn’t enough. Two pressed cups of spinach and the ingredients mentioned for it weren’t enough for the 7 oz. of tofu. As well, the dish just wasn’t as flavourful as I had hoped/it should be and I ended up adding some lemon juice to my dinner to improve things. The lemon helped a lot.

On the bright side, I did find while eating leftovers today that the flavours seemed to have combined a lot better.


I picked up this Henry of Pelham Riesling 2016 to go with the curry and it suited the dish beautifully. The wine has a lot of beautiful, delicate flavours and I was happy to find the curry didn’t mute any of them and went along with it perfectly. It was recommended to me by the LCBO associate.

She did mention that for a spicier curry, I would need a sweeter wine, but I assured her mine would be medium spicy.