A Salad Every Day

I’d like to eat a salad every single day. This was one of my new year’s resolutions, and on the eve of April 1st, I can assure you that I did not keep it. But it didn’t come out of nowhere. It wasn’t just another one of those new year’s pipe dreams because there had been a time when I had eaten a salad every single day, and I’d reaped some great benefits.

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I’d felt lighter, I’d lost some excess weight (felt more confident in my skin), my skin had developed an inexplicable glow and it made me happy, you could literally see it in my face (anyway I could), and the little cellulite I had disappeared.

So when I told myself, on the eve of the new year, that I want to eat a salad every single day of 2018, I knew exactly why. I knew what it would do for me. But along the way I had such little faith that I couldn’t keep it up.

It’s incredibly humbling, mind you; I didn’t have enough faith that this thing I already knew would do me so much good, that I didn’t mind doing (I like salads!) would be “worth it.” Worth what you say? I still can’t put my finger on that one. I suppose the preparation.

Anyway, here I am and thinking I want to restart my resolution. I ate a salad for dinner tonight. It was a big salad, albeit fat-free and low in calories, but it was so big that I have a big of a tummy ache. But instead of feeling upset, I am asking myself, what if I ate a salad every day forever? What is stopping me, exactly?

No, I’m not talking about those single unfortunate days that might come my way when it isn’t possible to eat a salad. I know those days will come. But I don’t imagine there will be more than a handful of those in my life… I can’t think of a single day in my life right now that eating a salad would have been impossible.

Yes, I am THAT blessed; I have no memory of a time when I wouldn’t have been able to make or buy a healthy, nourishing salad for myself. And I am so grateful for it, in my mind. But has that gratitude seeped into my heart? Am I showing it through my actions? I don’t think I am.

But I want to. I promise that I want to. I’d even like to be that person that turns 80 and say, my secret is that I’ve been eating a salad every single day since I turned 27. That’s 8395 salads (thanks, phone calculator). It’s not even that many, honestly! I eat 4–5 times a day. I’m active, I get hungry, I eat small meals. Can’t one of those meals be a simple salad? Sure, it can.

So, that’s my goal. And will you join me? Will you join me in eating a single meal every day that builds our health and nourishes our tissues and stops free radicals in their tracks? Will you join me in putting your diet where your mouth is and truly show that you love yourself?

Anyway, like I said I had a big salad for dinner tonight, and I’m eating another one again tomorrow. Join me.


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