Are there many types of souls? What is a soul? I’m wagering that yes, there are different types of souls, and a soul is…our animating spirit and its needs. I would say I have the soul of an artist. I’m not much of one, but the world only makes much sense through the lens of creativity.

And so even mundane work, even academic essays, must in some way be approached as art for me to be able to grasp them, complete them, feel any sense in the expenditure of my time towards their creation. Organizing my space becomes art, and fixing broken things is art.

It can only make sense on its own if it’s art. To understand the grand scheme without need for art; that must require genius. Because then one can clearly see the net weight of their efforts on the future, or estimate them with enough confidence to believe in it.

But the dots of my estimates never trickle down to the tedious worldly tasks that must turn into pleasurable art. I’m doing the laundry but bleaching the sheets and putting up thrift shop fairy lights around the wall with more. There are more ideas. It’s all art. But it begins with the laundry, which it too becomes a creative process of transformation.

This is how life makes sense. It’s not for others to appreciate. It’s not something you frame… It’s usually not pretty. There is SO much more to say and I’m feeling sluggish and other writing projects are calling me. More intelligent critical analyses.