Karlie Kloss Interview and STEM


Karlie did an interview with Youtuber/author Tim Ferris, and as a big admirer of this young woman, I watched it. I really admire Karlie Kloss for using the spotlight modelling has given her to do something different. She started Kode With Klossy, which is an organization that runs summer camps in which they teach girls how to code. I believe this is SO important because coding, technology, computer science has for a long time been framed as a masculine field, something for the boys. I don’t know how a field can become gendered like this, and I truly applaud the women who haven’t and didn’t let that stop them. But I think for Karly, who as a supermodel is an icon of femininity, to embrace this STEM field is very important in allowing young women to expand their vision of themselves. Self-imposed oppression, misogyny, is real, and I think without role models like Karlie guiding young women into at very least trying STEM, getting interested in technology, the progress towards having a more representative number of women in tech would be much slower.

So I applaud her and admire her for this, and I think her impact is big and important. And out of the hundreds, thousands, of women in the spotlight who could do something like this, she is the one doing it!

This is not the first time I hear Karlie talk about a window of luck. It starts at about 7:30 if you’re curious, but I’ve heard her say this in previous interviews. It is so true. How often are we given opportunities that if we truly took full advantage of, could take us really far? I think we’re all given some of those. I can’t honestly say those things come around every day, but they’re there, and I really appreciate Karlie’s recognition of the fact that what makes her story special is not hard work in itself, or luck in itself, but a combination of both: of being able to exploit the opportunity that luck brings around, to give 100% at the right time.

I did find she struggled on the books question, in which Tim asks her which are her favourite. She goes on to reveal she prefers audiobooks and podcasts, but she doesn’t quite answer the question of which her favourites are. This was slightly disappointing, and I’m not sure if it’s indicative of a lack of listening or reading. Maybe she’s just truly busy learning coding or working on fashion projects. Otherwise I think it’s so limiting to only allow ourselves to be exposed to what we organically run into in our lives. The world is just too big, old, and full of knowledge for us to forgo learnings about the studies, experiments, philosophies and discoveries of other human beings.