Why did you decide to blog?

Because I love taking the time to craft a post: writing, thinking, selecting photos, hash tags—it is all so much fun to me. And I love connecting with you guys on the world wide web. It’s really a magical opportunity, so why not take it? I love sharing and reading posts by other people, too.

It’s just so much fun and so inspiring. I decided to make it mostly about food because I think having a healthy relationship with food is important and eating right can be fun and also impactful. Our choices can change our health and affect the health of our beautiful planet, which has been so gracious in providing for us all this time. I try to make good choices with what I eat, and I love to share that with you.

Which is your most popular blog post to date?

My most popular blog post to date is called Raw Lemon-Goji Truffles (Ascension Kitchen).  I made these raw, vegan truffles at home and decided to share with you all how good they turned out. It’s tough to know whether a recipe off a blog will deliver or not, so more reviews and tests can’t hurt. These truffles are great to take to a party or potluck. They’re a little addictive, so I don’t recommend keeping them in the fridge with no plans to share!

My blog is still very young, so my most popular blog post will probably change in the future. But in the meantime, check out those truffles! 😉

What are your plans for your blog in 2017?

I have so many plans for the blog this year. I am putting in more energy to write, take photos, share, and explore. Exploring new ways to be healthier, more responsible, and getting fun ideas from others and being creative are what is inspiring me right now. I see my blog growing, and I see it becoming a little nook in the web that you can turn to for inspiration and motivation.

What’s on your ‘bucket list’?

Trying my very best and well when it comes to this blog, at least, being here for you guys to write regularly and curate good things on the site.

Describe your perfect day

Wow, I can’t say I have thought too much about this. My best days include a little bit of exercise in the morning. I love The Caribbean Workout series, and there’s nothing like following 2–3 videos in the morning to feel so amazing inside my body and to get my face smiling. After that, I would of course take a great shower, a short one, though, using the very best all-natural, skin-nourishing, body-loving products that I already use.

Then, after that, I would get dressed and go out to brunch with a friend or family member. Food and family go together like peanut butter and jelly, and we all know how good that is—most of the time.

Then, in my perfect day, I would come home and get some work done, actual work. There’s nothing like work to make me feel accomplished, and like I’ve taken an internal shower of sorts.

After that, I’d have to go for a walk in the nice, beautiful sunny weather and get home to watch something good on Netflix with some wine.

How good is this day? I’m curious now, what does your perfect day look like?

What is your favourite movie?

Nothing beats a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks romcom, but I’ll have to be biased and say the best one is You’ve Got Mail. I’ve seen it dozens of times, but I’ll watch it like it’s my first any chance I can get.

What is your favourite cuisine?

So difficult to answer! Living in Toronto, I am spoiled with amazing world cuisine on every street corner. It’s like no other place! But, even so, my favourite food is Persian food because it’s more than just food to me. It’s a feeling of home.

Favourite travel destination?

I can’t decide. I plan to travel a lot more than I have, but for now, I’ll say that I loved the food, the wine, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I would go back.

Have you got a party trick?

No. Teach me one?