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Derma-E Mineral Sunscreen

“When did the bees last send you an invoice for pollination?” -Warren Bader

Honeybees, bumblebees, wasps. We are seamlessly carried on the backs of tiny yellow others. They are the insect pollinators that work so tirelessly fertilizing the fruit, seed, and vegetable plants across the whole world. Yet it’s easy to forget them. In my flowerless urban setting, the buzzing sound of a bee is a rare gift.


But…as selflessly as bees give to the earth, there is another category of hard workers that gets even less credit: phytoplankton. They are too small to be seen with our eyes, but they live across the surface of the seas, and they create over half the oxygen in the air.

So with an eye for doing better, I took note of this ocean safe facial sunscreen by Derma-E. I have been wearing a moisturizer with SPF on most days for years. Nano-particle sunscreens and chemical (as opposed to mineral) sunscreens have been found to damage everything from coral reefs, phytoplankton and other marine organisms.

Check out Do Sunscreens’ Tiny Particles Harm Ocean Life in Big Ways? on the National Geographic website.

Derma-E’s Natural Mineral Sunscreen is a non-nano particle zinc oxide sunscreen. It’s likely safer for our bodies and the environment, and unless you sweat too much or go in the water, it can last for many hours (more than chemical sunblock).


It’s also oil-free and non-greasy, and after weeks of nearly daily use, I can vouch that my skin loves it. It offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with added vitamin E and green tea extract.

Unlike some other non-nano zinc oxide sunblocks, it does not leave a white film on my olive/yellow-toned skin. (But if you have a darker complexion, check the reviews on their site before ordering.)

It’s tricky to find conscious products to replace conventional ones. Have you ventured outside your cosmetics aisle to look for something better lately? The risk is finding something you don’t love—and you might; this was my second try.

I hope that today you remember you are endlessly supported by countless others. Sometimes others as tiny as phytoplankton making the air in your lungs from a faraway ocean, or a bee buzzing in a southern day’s hot sun pollinating the crop of the plant on your plate.

That’s love in my books.

[Readers, I know the voice and style in this post is different from that of my others. I’m trying something new. Thoughts?]