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Are WordPress Premium Blogging Themes Worth It?

A simple-looking blog doesn’t have to make big promises about the content inside and it can be a place where you can be you and express yourself in all your multiple facets.

I’ve been a little theme crazy since I started writing on this blog, often changing from one theme and setup to the next, trying to make my blog feel like a cozy second home where I could come and share those thoughts that belonged to the person in between my public and private selves. Not quite room for them in a diary, but also not ones I’d want to broadcast to all of my acquaintances and friends.

A place for ramblings around which a voluntary community could be built!

I signed up for WordPress premium, which gave me the benefit of running ads through WordAds, having my own web address, and choosing from hundreds of free and premium themes, and I really took full advantage of this last, trying many different formats and themes to see which would look best on JUST a good old blog. I wanted to make sure the blog would look the part, as well.

And my recommendation after trying nearly dozens of themes?

Stick to a simple, free theme!

Buy a URL if you want to (though you might be able to snag a cheaper one from GoDaddy or BlueHost and then map it here—you’d have to check that) but I wouldn’t recommend the themes.

In 2018, your blogging competition is often contrived, overly produced, and so often lacking a genuine human-to-human connection. It’s all overshadowed by glitz and glam that means nothing! Instead, a simple-looking blog doesn’t have to make big promises about the content inside and it can be a place where you can be you and express yourself in all your multiple facets, and create those connections and followers on the back of your words, your personality and thoughts, rather than the auxiliary things, like professional-looking photographs or the best-looking theme.

And free WordPress themes are perfect for that. WordPress offers tens of free themes that are already customizable and fully functional, albeit simple, loading properly on both desktop and mobile.



Healing Through Raw Foods

I don’t yet, but I will soon start sounding like a broken record. And some of you might think, well just do it then already. If that’s you, or will become you, then please unsubscribe, click off, and block me—just kidding, the last one is not an option on WordPress yet, haha.


I am drinking a green smoothie instead of a wrap I brought home from a birthday party last night (too much really yummy but not so healthy food was catered and the hosts were gracious enough to let us pack some to take home). The wrap was my lunch plan. But I am drinking the smoothie instead because I feel an inkling a calling to give raw foods a real try, to let raw foods heal my mind, my body and my soul.

I have had this inkling for nearly a decade and like so many other inklings I haven’t taken it seriously. But why not? I am worth the little bit of struggle increasing the amount of raw foods in my diet entails. I am worth the five minutes it takes to wash the juicer, to prep the smoothie ingredients, to water seeds for sprouts, etc. I am worth it. It’s just a decision… Partly because in the last month I have found my faith again and I know that it’s my divine birthright to be worth it and partly because I have waited much longer than a decade for the day I would become worth it and it hasn’t happened. I still often fall into the ever-tempting thoughts telling me I am not worth it; the same ones on repeat for a very long time.

So I am claiming my worth instead of waiting, and my weapon of choice? A green smoothie. A green smoothie with bananas, 30+ grams of complementary proteins (non-gmo pea and organic hemp from Bulk Barn) and baby spinach and a little maca powder. It is so glorious.

I want to really give raw foods a shot. Not 100%, not in a an extreme way, but I’d like a major percentage of my foods to be all raw, and always healthy even when not raw. I cannot recall a time in my life when I was either fed or then chose to eat a proper, healthy diet. My diet lacked in essential nutrients and fibre as a child, enough to cause me health issues, and later when I took the reins in adulthood, I didn’t make improvements. I think it’s easier to tell ourselves that things are okay as they are.

So I guess my calling to healthy food is in part a prayer to give back everything I took and was taken through years of physiological neglect through improper diet, a bout of bulimia, improper exercise, and alcohol and RX abuse.

I feel vulnerable sharing this… But at the same time, I think we need a lot more “sharing” in this world, just fewer lies and pretences. I think we don’t share nearly enough.

A Salad Every Day

I’d like to eat a salad every single day. This was one of my new year’s resolutions, and on the eve of April 1st, I can assure you that I did not keep it. But it didn’t come out of nowhere. It wasn’t just another one of those new year’s pipe dreams because there had been a time when I had eaten a salad every single day, and I’d reaped some great benefits.

Blur or Defocus image of Coffee Shop or Cafeteria

I’d felt lighter, I’d lost some excess weight (felt more confident in my skin), my skin had developed an inexplicable glow and it made me happy, you could literally see it in my face (anyway I could), and the little cellulite I had disappeared.

So when I told myself, on the eve of the new year, that I want to eat a salad every single day of 2018, I knew exactly why. I knew what it would do for me. But along the way I had such little faith that I couldn’t keep it up.

It’s incredibly humbling, mind you; I didn’t have enough faith that this thing I already knew would do me so much good, that I didn’t mind doing (I like salads!) would be “worth it.” Worth what you say? I still can’t put my finger on that one. I suppose the preparation.

Anyway, here I am and thinking I want to restart my resolution. I ate a salad for dinner tonight. It was a big salad, albeit fat-free and low in calories, but it was so big that I have a big of a tummy ache. But instead of feeling upset, I am asking myself, what if I ate a salad every day forever? What is stopping me, exactly?

No, I’m not talking about those single unfortunate days that might come my way when it isn’t possible to eat a salad. I know those days will come. But I don’t imagine there will be more than a handful of those in my life… I can’t think of a single day in my life right now that eating a salad would have been impossible.

Yes, I am THAT blessed; I have no memory of a time when I wouldn’t have been able to make or buy a healthy, nourishing salad for myself. And I am so grateful for it, in my mind. But has that gratitude seeped into my heart? Am I showing it through my actions? I don’t think I am.

But I want to. I promise that I want to. I’d even like to be that person that turns 80 and say, my secret is that I’ve been eating a salad every single day since I turned 27. That’s 8395 salads (thanks, phone calculator). It’s not even that many, honestly! I eat 4–5 times a day. I’m active, I get hungry, I eat small meals. Can’t one of those meals be a simple salad? Sure, it can.

So, that’s my goal. And will you join me? Will you join me in eating a single meal every day that builds our health and nourishes our tissues and stops free radicals in their tracks? Will you join me in putting your diet where your mouth is and truly show that you love yourself?

Anyway, like I said I had a big salad for dinner tonight, and I’m eating another one again tomorrow. Join me.