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Pie Bars and Turmeric Latte

Yesterday, I baked Vegan Richa’s sweet potato pie bars. In the recipe, she mentions that you can actually make them with pumpkin puree filling, instead of sweet potato, and that’s what I did.

They turned out amazing and were easy to make, so I do recommend them. I had everything but pumpkin puree on hand, so I went to the shop to get a can.


As much as I would like to not eat any sweets, I invariably snack here and there. So instead of grabbing a cake pop like in my last post, or a muffin, or some other baked good from outside the house, I’d like to have something healthier around. These were sugar free and gluten free. And quick to make.


I am going to freeze the leftovers of these and maybe report back on how well they freeze.

In other news, I have been trying to lower my caffeine intake to give my nervous system a break and potentially help my skin. I still drink my morning coffee, but sometimes that one cup turns into two or three pretty much just because I like having something warm to hold.


I could swap out those subsequent cups with tea, but today I tried a turmeric latte. It’s supposed to be very healthy. I made golden turmeric paste (out of ground black pepper, turmeric powder and coconut oil) and voila: you mix it with your choice of milk and sweetener and it turns into a “latte.”


I also added pumpkin pie spice and some honey (and then stevia because the honey wasn’t sweet enough). I blended the mixture after heating it, for a better consistency.


It is surprisingly very good! I was ready to commit after reading some of the health benefits here, expecting nothing tasty, but it tasted great and very creamy (thanks to the coconut milk and oil I guess).

This website is where I got the recipe for the paste. She explains why it’s good for your and why you should add pepper and oil to the turmeric powder to make it more bioavailable. I haven’t independently checked any of these facts, so if you know of information proving otherwise, please let me know about it, as well.


Would you be willing to try a turmeric latte?

If yes, I recommend you mix the ingredients separately—enough for one cup—rather than make a full batch of paste the first time. I didn’t consider that I might actually dislike it and waste a heap of turmeric. (Luckily that’s not the case.)