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Committing to Ourselves & Our Planet

I am watching BBC’s Planet Earth and it’s so inspiring. It reminds me why our planet is precious, why it matters to conserve it and make sure that the animals and wilderness we have separated ourselves from still have room to thrive and live just as we have room to live.

It would help so much if we made a little less garbage, consumed less and supported companies with bottom lines that consider the environment. There are so many small changes that we can make that contribute to reducing our footprint and that can slowly change the culture and view of the family and friends (ultimately, society) around us.

Here are four commitments I want to renew:

1. Use reusables. I am so lucky in that I can completely avoid the use of disposables in food shopping. I live near a Bulk Barn and have access to reusable containers and bags for all of my other shopping needs. I even have reusable mesh produce bags, so I can easily avoid plastic bag use forever.

2. Only buy what I will love and use. This one is so important in the overall change even if it’s not obvious. Maybe we cannot all afford to buy ecologically manufactured clothes and shoes, but we can improve our footprint simply by becoming more discriminating. I want to renew my commitment to only buying clothes and shoes I love, feel confident in and can really use.

3. Follow a plant-based lifestyle. The benefits of veganism for the planet and animal welfare and also for our health are numerous. I encourage everyone to please give learning about a plant-based lifestyle a chance. When you are ready to start (you don’t have to commit to following it 100% of the time–I am not there yet), check out the Eating Guidelines for Vegans from Dieticians Canada.

4. Reduce all types of waste. I have read many statistics about food waste and they are all very sad.This site estimates that the average Canadian household wastes $28 of food every week. Even if you’re happy to give up $1456 in a year, imagine all of the change you and a block of houses in your neighbourhood could affect if you simply saved that money and invested it in something you believed in instead. You could fund a project like The Ocean Cleanup, and make a creative and practical solution for cleaning our oceans from plastic debris viable. Now imagine if we reduced waste in other areas too: self care products, cleaning products, electricity, gas. What ideas, solutions and dreams could we fund with that money?


Healthy Vegan Dinner in a Pinch With Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is a company that offers vegetarian, organic and non-GMO convenience foods. The company was started by Andy and Rachel Berliner in California in 1987, and it was named after their daughter, Amy. Their canned and boxed soups, frozen entrees, and frozen wraps are widely available at supermarket chains in Canada.

What I like about Amy’s Kitchen is that they use real, healthy ingredients, many of of which are organic, and their products are priced reasonably. Today I want to share how to create a healthy lunch or dinner with my favourite Amy’s wrap.


You will need:

1 gluten-free Amy’s Kitchen frozen bean and rice burrito ($3.99)
1/4 cup Daiya cheddar cheese
1/4 cup mild salsa

For the salad:
Two cups washed and cut lettuce
Handful of baby spinach
1/2 ripe avocado
5–10 grape tomatoes
1 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette


Toss salad ingredients and set aside (outside or in fridge depending on how you cook the burrito). Unwrap Amy’s Kitchen burrito and warm up according to instructions, either by microwave oven or conventional/toaster oven. Take out before it’s ready ( 25–30 seconds with the microwave, and 15 minutes with the conventional oven).

Flatten the top side of the burrito by gently pressing down with a fork. Then arrange most of the cheese on top. Place in the oven for 10 minutes or microwave for 15–20 seconds. Take out and flatten with a fork again. Place mild salsa and the rest of the cheese overtop. Place in the oven for another 5 minutes or microwave another 10–15 seconds.

You will love this. 🙂